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Kamala Iyer
Kamala Iyer
Unabashedly filmy, Unapologetically nautanki Presenting a quirky zara hatke take on fashion.


चोली के पीछे क्या है?

Ever since the Dhak-Dhak girl set hearts aflutter with this question Cholis have become conversation starters. And, why not? Ask any Sarista & she will tell you that a Choli can make or break a Sari.

अबnoरmal - the new normal or ‘now’ normal or just plain & simple Abnormal is a quirky, ज़रा हटके take on life. Unabashedly फilmy & Unapologetically नautanki just like me! I am a movie buff and believe that “हम सब रंगमंच की कटपुतलियाँ हैं जिसकी डोर उपरवाले के हाथ में हैं ...”

अबnoरmal is my attempt to fuse modern, contemporary filmy, nautanki designs with traditional elements to create wearable art & fashion.

At ab-normal.store you will find sustainable fashion that is handmade, handcrafted, handpainted by gifted artisans. No two pieces will be alike as these are handmade. We work with Handloom weaves. And, we make the pieces to your unique order so we take time to get this across to you.

अबnoरmal is for the perennially young at heart. To begin with you will find in our store a series of mix & match blouses for every occasion, some saris, a few accessories for the eternal girl in you.

Every piece of fashion is a conversation starter, an ice breaker, a showstopper. But, that’s not all...there’s lots more to come. Stay tuned!

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