S1 E12 - The Byloom Story

Episode 12:
“The Byloom Story: Making Handlooms contemporary, fashionable & affordable”

This episode is filmed in 3 parts.

Any Bengal Handloom voyage is incomplete without meeting the power couple who are not only credited for putting Bengal Handlooms on the world map but also for making Handlooms contemporary, fashionable & affordable!

अबnoरmal proudly presents “Touring Talkies”
Season 1 “Kanyakumari se Kashmir tak - Ek Sari-torial Safar”.

This weekend our Sari-torial Safar takes us on on a Bengal voyage with none other than Bappaditya Biswas of Byloom. Rumi & Bappaditya are the heart & soul of Bai lou their brand & Byloom the iconic destination store in Kolkatta. Their’s is a love story bar none; where creativity & pragmatism, weave & business sense, sensibility & sensitivity, technology & design meet to create sustainable livelihoods for weavers at the grassroots level. Putting their education in fashion & textiles to further the cause of Handlooms; the couple through their pragmatic sales planning, commitment to reasonable pricing; audacious designs using textures, patterns,colors, yarn & fibre fusions, sequins & shells have ensured continued work for weavers making them mini entrepreneurs instead of mere wage earners. Theirs is a true model of symbiotic relationship between a designer & weaver.

In Part 1 Bappa talks about how managing the family tea business was not his cup of tea, how he literally ran away to Kolkata to join NIFT, how he met his business & life partner Rumi, how they started Bai lou in 2002 & Byloom in 2011, the story behind their iconic “Disco Khadi” that won them the UNESCO Seal of Excellence & “Abir”
their “Mota Kapor” basic cotton sari with a riot of colors & their design & business philosophies.

Please sit back & enjoy the video we have filmed. Hope you appreciate our sincerity of effort & do provide constructive feedback, comments & suggestions.

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3

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