S1 E15 - Ilkal & Khun a match made in sartorial heaven

Episode 15: “Ilkal & Khun a match made in sartorial heaven“

Did you know that the Guledgudd Khun weave was made as a blouse to match Ilkal saris?

अबnoरmal proudly presents “Touring Talkies”
Season 1 “Kanyakumari se Kashmir tak - Ek Sari-torial Safar”.

This weekend our Sari-torial Safar takes us on on a journey to Bagalkot district in North Karnataka; home to the beautiful Ilkal & Khun weaves.

Our Guest Speaker today is Vrunda Sekhar an Handloom enthusiast and an Ilkal Researcher, working with weavers of North Karnataka. Her focus has been enabling & facilitating the right Marketplace for Ilkal Weavers and bridging the gap between Weaver and Consumer. She is also involved in research and revival of long lost design palettes of the Ilkal Weave.

Hear her hold forth on the simplicity of the Ilkal weave the staple everyday wear of North Karnataka that has slowly become a fashion statement world over.

Hear about the 500 year old tradition of the Guledgudd Khun that was made as a match for the Ilkal sari

Please sit back & enjoy the video we have filmed. Hope you appreciate our sincerity of effort & do provide constructive feedback, comments & suggestions.


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